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  • Production and sales of automotive parts
  • Engine timing chain system components
  • Roller chain
  • Bush chain
  • Silent chain
  • Tension device
  • Chain arm
  • Guide and sprocket

Our company, established in 1917 to manufacture bicycle chains, shifted to the manufacture of industrial chains in anticipation of the development of the machinery industry. Since then, we have contributed to the evolution of chain technology, expanded the scope of our business from machine parts to automated systems. We are an international group, we have more than 80 companies in all over the world, among them, the automotive parts division has 12 manufactures in 8 countries, our market share of automotive parts has ranked at first place in the world.




In a rapidly changing world economic environment,
In this regard, the company has been adhering to the consistent management policy of Japanese enterprises",
And timely to meet customer needs.
We attach great importance to the development and market Chinese car, in order to provide appropriate China market products, including the development of spare parts and personnel of the "field".

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